SRD GRANT: SRD SASSA appeal status for new 2023 payments Step-by-step

SRD GRANT: SRD SASSA appeal status for new 2023 payments Step-by-step

SASSA appeal status: Through the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) award, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offers vital financial help to eligible residents. However, when applications are rejected, applicants may think about appealing the ruling. It is advised that you check the status of your appeal right away if you recently (between January and September 2023) submitted an SRD SASSA appeal. Here is a detailed instruction on how to check it. If you utilize Postbank in the interim.

1). Firstly, you should go to the SASSA appeal status check portal

Go to the official SASSA website ( by launching a web browser. The main resource for information about SRD appeals is this platform.

2). Submit your information

You’ll be required to input your South African ID number, phone number, and potentially your appeal reference number once you’ve located the area that asks about your appeal status. Make sure you accurately enter this information.

3). Verify the status of your SASSA SRD appeal.

Click “Send Pin” after entering your details. Your request will be processed by the system, and you’ll probably receive a verification code. Enter it when it does. Your SRD SASSA appeal’s current status should then be visible.

4). Review the result

You can access the appeal status through the system, which may be one of the following:

Your appeal has been granted, and you will now be given the SRD grant.

Denied: Regrettably, your appeal was unsuccessful, and the SRD award will not be given to you.

Pending: Your appeal is still being considered, and no judgment has been rendered.

5). Get in touch with SASSA for more help

It is advised to get in touch with SASSA directly if your appeal status is “Pending” or you experience any problems with the procedure. In your particular situation, they can offer counsel and further information.

6). Maintain a log

Keep a record of your appeal status for future use. If you need to follow up with SASSA or if you have inquiries about your SRD award, this record may be useful.

SASSA appeal status
SASSA appeal status

The SRD SASSA appeal status check: Final remarks

You might need to reapply if your SRD SASSA South Africa appeal status still says “Denied.” However, it is advised to contact SASSA to inquire about help through any of their authorized channels. They will advise you on what has to be changed for your SRD SASSA application to be successful.

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