Sassa srd status check Updates | srd status check Details | sassa status check for r350 srd r350 payment dates 2023/2024

Sassa srd status check Updates | srd status check Details | sassa status check for r350 srd R350 Payment Dates 2023/2024

Sassa srd status check Updates: Here is the simple process you can easily check the status of your Sassa srd status check, Srd status check, Sassa status check for r350, Ssrd r350 payment dates 2023/2024, ASSA Social Relief of Distress (SRD) without wasting much time, Don’t forget the R350 grant online to ensure you receive your payment for the current month. To every citizen of this country South Africa SASSA Status Check is important for all applicants to stay informed about the grant updates every 30 days.

Follow the given instructions below to check Sassa’s status in a minute.

SASSA Status Check Online

South African ID is very important to SASSA Status Check because you need to enter your South African ID in the selected “ID Number” section when you enter the official website.

Secondly, Enter your cell phone number or “Phone Number” in the selected section that is used to submit your grant application online.

Then you have to click on the ‘Check Now‘ button that will send your request to the Sassa Check database all without any problem.

SASSA Status Check At this point most of the time the grant approval month will be shown on the system along with your App ID.

You need to remember with online SASSA Status Check you will find your grant collection dates for the current month and stay updated on your R350 and the social relief grant application eligibility. You can also view the Sassa Status Check result below.

SASSA Status Check Result Image

SASSA Status Check
SASSA Status Check/Sassa srd status check

After you are sure your sassa payment status check for R350 are approved you can collect SASSA money instantly.

SASSA Payment Status Check 2023

Concerning this matter SASSA applicants need to check the SASSA Payment Status for each month to be able to collect the grant money on the scheduled payday for security reasons.

For a full perspective of SASSA Payment Dates from 2023 to March 2024, you can refer to the table below to check your monthly grant paydays to collect your SASSA Payment or money.

Month Year Pay Day Date Status

  • January 2023 20th Approved Status
  • February 2023 20th Approved Status
  • March 2023 20th Approved Status
  • April 2023 20th Approved Status
  • May 2023 22nd Approved Status
  • June 2023 20th Approved Status
  • July 2023 21st Approved Status
  • August 2023 20th Approved Status
  • September 2023 20th Approved Status
  • October 2023 20th Pending Status
  • November 2023 21st Pending Status
  • December 2023 20th Pending Status
  • January 2024 20th Pending Status
  • February 2024 20th Pending Status
  • March 2024 20th Pending Status
  • April 2024 20th Pending Status
  • May 2024 20th Pending Status
  • June 2024 20th Pending Status
  • Sassa srd status check

We also recognize the significance of SASSA grants for people in need, especially those who depend on social relief funds for living. South African government to make the distribution process smooth, monthly grants are organized into separate categories for applicants to understand easily, including Older Persons, Disability, and Children’s Grants. This course guarantees that money is allocated to intended beneficiaries in an orderly and conflict-free manner.

SRD Status Check for R350 On WhatsApp

We are informing you that the official SASSA WhatsApp Number offers SRD status for R350 applicants. We will bring you the Sassa Whatsapp number to check your status. This approval method allows you to chat and message to SASSA Team free online and to check your application status, Take care of any problems you may be experiencing, and ask questions about eligibility requirements, application processes, verifications, and other relevant matters.

Firstly you need to add this SASSA WhatsApp number 082 046 8553 to check your status through the Official SASSA Team online.

Sassa applicants to check your SASSA Status on WhatsApp, you must send a message ‘SASSA’ to the Sassa Whatsapp official team. After that, you will receive a prompt with options for status review. Then you need to choose your grant title and reply with ‘Status Check’ for verification to receive your SRD status check results for R350 all together with your Application ID.

Through using the SASSA WhatsApp official team, Recipients can get fast support for specific problems, status updates, and more by interacting directly with the governing authorities. Additionally, please do not hesitate to contact us at (official email) if you face a problem with the WhatsApp method.

Important Notice: According to President Cyril Ramaphosa, the monthly R350 grant money acts as a vital lifeline, relieving our disadvantaged individuals’ urgent financial obligations. We guarantee that the government will persist in executing the award for social relief of suffering.

Sassa srd status check

Check SASSA R350 Grant Status on Phone

Applicants want to know how to check if their R350 Social Relief of Distress grant application has been approved, as you can verify the SRD status check on your phone. Here is a simple way to confirm your SRD R350 status.

  • Just from your SASSA-linked phone number Dial 080 060 1011 directly.
  • Then Provide your South African ID and your Registered Mobile Number quickly.
  • You need to answer a few questions, on the automated prompt page.
  • Then Enter your ID number and cell phone number to receive an OTP.
  • At the end, you will receive your Application Status.

At the same time, you will also receive an SMS containing your SASSA application status details, permitting you to collect your grant from any acceptable money collection option you have selected for withdrawal.

Check SASSA Status at the SASSA Website

Visual aids for SASSA Status Check let us explain 5 steps process from

The official SASSA website is your trustworthy resource if you wish to be updated on the progress of your submitted SASSA Online Application. By following these steps, you can quickly do an online SASSA status for your social grant and always ensure that your grant is activated.

  • Go to the SASSA website at for free
  • Enter the mobile number you used to register along with your South African national ID.
  • With your Reference ID, you may find out your status for R350 instantaneously.
  • Significance of SASSA Status Result
  • To discover the latest SASSA Status by checking your status you should check the results below.

1). Approved: Congratulations SASSA has granted your application, and monthly benefits will begin to be paid to you. The payout amount, Reference ID, and App ID will all be included in your status report.

2). Not Qualified / Rejected: It says Unfortunately, the Application was declined based on the eligibility requirements or your application did not meet the qualification criteria to get the grant.

3). Pending: When your grant is pending, that means you are probability of getting the social relief grant as they say “Your social relief grant is currently pending and will be reviewed by national authorities soon” It could also mean you have not selected a means to access your money because of the problem, like you need to change the Sassa Payment Method to get your payment.

4) . Canceled / Declined: Different reasons may bring obstacles as they say “Your grant has been declined for a reason” Let me list 3 main reasons below:

5). Bank Details Pending: This happens if you have not linked your bank account with Sassa, and it is advised to update your SASSA bank details by the time you see this message.

  • Your monthly income is higher than the required amount.
  • In the means test, the Sassa review discovered a different source of revenue.
  • Your Sassa Gold card or bank account has more than R624.
  • Your Identity Information is stored in the databases of the NSFAS and UIF.

I know many people will like the Video that can guide them on How to Check the SASSA Status

Here is the step-by-step video guidance You can use to check SASSA status online. Watch it closely so that it will be easy for you to track your application status for the social grant or simply process the SRD status check for the R350 grant.

Sassa srd status check

How Often SASSA Status Update

To facilitate the collection of funds, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides monthly status updates regarding the payment status of grants and the status of recipient applications. Typically, these updates are given before the prearranged payday schedule that is set for annual pay dates when funds are to be deposited into beneficiaries’ bank accounts or SASSA cards.

R350 Grant Status Pending

If your R350 grant status is pending that means it’s under review or it means there is missing banking information you haven’t used to collect your grant. Most of the time this happens when your payment method is not selected and also if you put incorrect information in your application or reapplication process.

Secondly, your SASSA status shows as pending when your SRD grant application is in the SASSA Review because it goes a through process that takes about three months from the date of submission. So now you can start counting to avoid this inconvenience please ensure that you provide accurate bank details to receive your grant at the right time.

SASSA Change Bank Details for SRD R350

Thank God If you are a permanent SASSA beneficiary, because you have the flexibility to update your bank details for worry-free grant collection every time. You can follow this step-by-step guide on SASSA Change Bank Details for the SRD R350 grant. Don’t forget when you are changing you can ensure that you have selected the correct payment method to receive your payouts on time. You can accept cardless payments in this method, giving you easy options for handling your money.

Check SASSA Reconsideration Status

Great information If your SASSA grant application has been rejected, and you almost have taken the step of submitting a SASSA Reapplication and requesting reconsideration through the SASSA Reapplication portal and there’s no feedback yet, You can monitor the status of your reapplication with ease. After providing the required information and selecting Send Pin, you will be emailed a One-Time Password (OTP) verifying your identity as the initial applicant. Your reconsideration status will then be promptly shown in the same section for your convenience.

SASSA Payment Not Received

Many people among the Sassa beneficiaries have this problem. So If you haven’t received your SASSA R350 grant payment yet, The delay could have multiple causes. If you are already a beneficiary, weekends, public holidays, verification checks, and processing times may be to blame for the delay.

Make sure your payment method is chosen and your contact information is correct before addressing the problem. If you discover errors, continue to Change your SASSA Phone Number to correct your contact details at the latest update dater banking details to ensure your application is up-to-date for the current and next payment. Then, if you’re having trouble getting your grant money, please be patient and think about contacting PostBank for technical problems.

It is recommended that current SASSA beneficiaries contact SASSA immediately if they have not received their payment. To find out if your grant has been canceled or is still active, check your SASSA status. Calling the national authorities’ toll-free cell number will provide you with instant assistance regarding the matter. Call centre number 0800 60 10 11.

Sassa srd status check
Sassa srd status check

R350 Application Appeal Status

Who can use appeal status? If your application for the SRD grant has been rejected, and you’ve fulfilled the requirements by effectively filing your DSD SASSA Appeal application. (Department of Social Development) If you’ve reached the acceptance stage of your R350 appeal and are looking to check its progress on the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) website, please take the actions listed below.

  • The first thing to do if you want to check your SRD R350 appeal status visit click here
  • Then log in to your account used to Apply for the Sassa R350 application.
  • Select “R350 Appeal Status” You can see the section from the ‘Application Status’.
  • Enter your full ID number and Application Reference Number to proceed.
  • To view the current status of your R350 appeal Click the ‘submit’ button

Your status will be shown after completing these steps, and you will receive a notification with further information. If you need to update your Sassa grant application, click the link provided. This will help your appeal be successful, and you will receive an SMS allowing you to pick up your money.

Please you need to remember that if you disagree with the SASSA decision for multiple months, Every month, you will have to submit a new appeal application. Keep in mind that you only have 30 to 90 days to file an appeal, so you must move quickly.

SASSA Status Approved But No SMS Received

The reason for this issue mainly is incorrect contact details, a mistake in the application’s details, insufficient money, problems with the phone network’s signal, or a system malfunction. After getting approval there’s a concerning situation when your Sassa Status is Approved without an SMS because this problem will prevent you from receiving your payments from the Post Office, retail store, and pick-n-payday, To fix this follow these steps below.

  • Await any possible SMS delays for a few days.
  • For account or system problems, get in touch with your bank.
  • Verify your phone number details in SASSA records.
  • If you don’t get an SMS after several days, then you can call the SASSA helpline (0800 601 011) and complain to them.
  • Or you can visit the nearest SASSA office for direct support. That is better than calling the Sassa helpline if the issue persists and your bank confirms no payment received yet.

SRD Grant is Active Now Signify Approved

By the time you see. your status displays SRD Grant Is Now Active which means it shows that your application for the Social Grant or SRD Social Relief of Distress R350 has been accepted. Congratulations. By then you will start receiving Sassa money every month at scheduled paydays commencing in the next month.

Check if SASSA Approved Your Grant Application

Simple process to check if your application has been approved, you can also verify your status online. Ways on how to confirm your Social Relief of Distress R350 grant status are below.

  • Start by visiting the SASSA status check website at then click on it.
  • Enter your South African ID Number and your correct Registered Mobile Number.
  • Then Click on the Check Status button to submit your request log in and gin into Sato
  • After that, your R350 status will appear on the screen with full details.
  • Additionally, an SMS notification containing the authorized month’s payday is sent to the registered applicant’s phone number by the national agency service.

How to Collect SASSA SRD Payments

This one is through the SASSA Status Check online service, you will receive an SMS notification showing the approved payment month. This SMS is essential to verify if your social relief funds have been authorized for the duration, allowing you to get your grant using the payment method of your choice.

How to receive your SASSA grant in your bank account, firstly you can update your bank details and effortlessly receive your grant money every month, removing the requirement to go to retail establishments or the SAPO post office. The Post Office, Pick n Pay, Boxer store, Cash Send, and Boxer store are choices for people without a bank account.

Why SASSA Status Failed

Your SASSA status check sometimes fails if your identity verification has failed. This happens when your personal information mismatches the entire of your data with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). The process you need to follow to resolve this issue is that the errors in your application must be fixed by updating your SASSA online application.

Why SASSA Status Declined

Different reasons make the SASSA Status Check Declined for a specific month’s grant or declined application due to the SASSA review process and maybe the Means Test. If they fail to meet the Means Test standards, both new applicants and current recipients may be placed in this category. This evaluation looks at income levels and situational changes, including an increase in your bank balance above R624.

When you receive a decline notification, do all you can to solve it, because you can review the reasons for clarification and take steps to fix your SASSA Declined Grant application.

  • Your assets and income levels are above the R624 minimum.
  • Benefits under UIF, NSFAS, or SARS are recorded with your ID.
  • The reason for your unemployment has changed.
  • The SASSA Means Test identifies a different source of income.
  • The requirements for the applied award are not met by your age.

How to Collect SASSA SRD Payments

A simple process you can use to ensure the receipt of SASSA SRD payments, every applicant is required to check SASSA Status online. This is a crucial step since it triggers the system to send an SMS confirming the permission and the current month’s pay date. This notification enables you to access your grant using your preferred payment method and verifies whether your relief funds have been approved for the designated period.

Those who prefer having their SASSA grant directly deposited into their bank accounts may do something, and the process is straightforward. You can easily update your banking information, making sure you don’t have to go to the SAPO post office or retail locations to receive your grant payments each month. However, there are additional choices accessible for people who do not have a bank account, like using Pick n Pay, Boxer Shop, Cash Send, or the Post Office.

When the SASSA R350 Grant ends or expires During a press conference held in late 2022, President Cyril Ramaphosa made a noteworthy announcement concerning the SASSA R350 grant. Acknowledging its indispensable function in fulfilling the basic requirements of around 7 million inhabitants, he verified the continuation of this significant aid.

For individuals whose essential living expenditures are covered by the R350 grant, this is great news. With the current extension, the SASSA R350 grant will now run until March 2024. Additional extensions may be possible in the future as long as the government works hard to secure funding.

How to Check SASSA Balance

Approval way you can use to check your SASSA balance status using your bank app for online balance inquiries. This is possible only for applicants who have updated bank details for their SASSA grant. If you are using other payment options, you can dial the balance inquiry code 1203210# to know your balance on your cell phone.

SASSA Payment Status Check on Govchat

Simple steps for you to access the Govchat app to check your payment status online. Remember Govchat is the official South African Government platform that applicants can register for using their cell phone number by visiting only. Type Sassa in a message to the official agent and then send Status to view the current payment dates.


SASSA Grant In Aid
SASSA Status Check
SASSA Old Age Grant
SASSA Disability Grant
SASSA Foster Child Grant
SASSA War Veterans Grant
SASSA Child Support Grant
SASSA Care Dependency Grant

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